Overgrown And Tangled With Weeds Suggest That The Word Rank Means (2023)

English High School


Answer 1

It means that the earth is going to be overgrown with weeds sorry if im wrong
(I really need rainlyest answer really badly)Thanks!!

Answer 2


It means that his family wants him to stay


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As a new reporter for the community magazine, Amanda was nervous about doing her first interview with the state governor. She asked Cameron, a veteran reporter, for some advice. Cameron told Amanda the first rule of an interview is to make the other person feel comfortable. The second rule is to ask open questions, the kind that requires more than a "yes" or "no" answer. Which of these is a key idea in the paragraph? A. A reporter is about to expose a local politician in a feature story.
B. An older man is providing suggestions on how to ask controversial questions.
C. A young woman is seeking the help of someone more experienced.
D. An interview is not going well because the reporter does not know what she is doing.


The answer for your question is C, considering that the young woman (Amanda) is asking the man (Cameron) how to conduct a good interview, considering that Cameron is possibly a professional in this field

Hope that helps you!

Select the correct answer for the drop-down menu. 1) The circled areas are called ______ 2) are the surrounding area_______

First drop box:
1) Coronal Mass Ejections
2) Solar Fares
3) Solar Wind
4) Sunspots

Second drop-box:
1) Cooler than
2) Hotter than
3) The same temperature as


What is the subject? I won't be able to help you unless I know what the subject is. Also, is there a passage you could provide?

Thank you

Randolph Miller can best be described as_______. Intelligent


Answer: Randolph Miller can best be described as C; Boastful.


Randolph Miller is a character in the book, Daisy Miller. In the book, he is described as the little brother of Daisy. He is 9 years old at the beginning of the book. He is said to be like his sister with the same spirit she developed growing up.

The story states that he is immature and rougher than Daisy was at his age. He is a loud child, who doesn't like to do things that others may enjoy doing. His characterization shows how he has gotten his mom and sister to let him get away with everything he wants. He doesn't have a lot of supervision, eat all the candy he wants, and doesn't have a set bedtime.

Throughout the book, he is seen chanting loudly everywhere he goes the phrase "U.S.A! U.S.A!" He likes to tell everyone he meets and his family how America a better country than Europe will ever be.



Randolph Miller can be described as arrogant.

What reference book contains words of similar meaning and opposite meanings called

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That is called a Thesaurus. It lists synonyms and antonyms.

I believe you are referringto a thesaurus.

The Chairman of the Democratic National Committee: _____. Select all that apply. 1. is an engaging speaker and dynamic campaigner
2. has skills in fundraising, organizing, and public relations
3. is a permanent member of the National Organizing committee
4. decides where national funds are spent during campaigns
5. grants favors and rewards party faithfuls by recommending them for political appointments


The Chairman of the Democratic National Committee:

2.has skills in fundraising, organizing, and public relations (he/she became the face of the campaign for the election)

4.decides where national funds are spent during campaigns (to win the favor of specific demographic group)

5.grants favors and rewards party faithfuls by recommending them for political appointments


The Chairman of the Democratic National Committee:

* Has skills in fundraising, organizing, and public relations

* Decides where national funds are spent during campaigns

* Grants favors and rewards party faithfuls by recommending them for political appointments


The Democratic National Committee has the function of coordinating the strategies for everything that refers to the Democratic Party candidates, on their running for local, state, and national positions, it is also one of their activities to nominate and confirm the candidates to this positions, then the chairman of this committee has to fulfill the demands of this requirements.

What do technical writers need to do when using a image


Provide a caption and maybe where it was taken and when

Draw a portrait of themselve

In the phantom tollbooth act II when you contrast rhyme and reason, you find that they feel differently about milos rescue attempt, rhymes attitude could be best described as? A. Sad
B. doubtful
C. optimistic
D. Confident


Milo's rescue attempt, rhymes attitude could be best described as doubtful. He is not completely sure of the rescue attempt.

Your answer is:B) Doubtful

Have an amazing day and stay hopeful!

What is the best paraphrase of these opening lines from the poem “To a Mouse” by Robert Burns?



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The position from which you write about your subject is called your A. prerogative.
B. point of view.
C. standpoint.
D. advantage.


The answer to this is point of view

The position from which you write about your subject is called not your advantage (That means what you have something over another deeming you as superior.), nor your prerogative (meaning ranking or privilege.) It would most likely be your point of view.

Which of the following is true about expressing a theme in a poem or play? A.Writers can communicate a strong belief through a poem, not a play.

B.Writers use character dialogue to reveal the theme in poems and plays.

C.Writers use characters to reveal a theme more often in a play than in a poem.

D.Writers can only communicate a moral lesson through a play, not a poem.


Imm guessing the answer is (
b.Writers use character dialogue to reveal the theme in poems and plays.

What is required to indicate the omission of words within a direct quotation? A.ellipsis
D.quotation marks


The answer is A: ellipsis

hope this helps you!


The correct answer is A


Help Me :,) I WILL MARK BRAINLIEST FOR CORRECT ANSWER (10 points) Read this passage from The Way to Rainy Mountain:

When he was a boy, my father went with his grandmother, Keahdinekeah, to the shrine of one of the talyi-da-i (35).
Which of the story's three narrative styles is this passage an example of?

A.Historical record
B.Personal narrative


The answer is indeed letter B) Personal narrative.

A personal narrative is a type of prose in which someone's life's experiences are told in first person. Even if it does present some historical facts, it differs from a historical record. A historical record is a document of historical value that focuses on narrating past events of importance to a specific place, or even the whole world. A personal narrative, on the other hand, will only tell about past historical events as they affect the speaker's life.

The Way to Rainy Mountain is a fictional autobiography by N. Scott Momaday.


personal narrative

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i just took the test

In an argumentive essay whaere should the writer present the counterclaim A as part of the introduction to the claim B immediately following the inital clam C after the supporting evidence for a reason D as part of the conclusion of the argument


You technically shouldn't postpone the counterclaim and only introduce it in a conclusion or ending point. That wouldn't be effective let alone a good choice if you were supposedly suppose to make someone actually grasp your argument. Besides... A counterclaim is usually presented in the 2 - 3 paragraph and mentioned within a thesis.D is out.

There are various ways to present a counterclaim... I am unsure of what the correct answer would be. I am leaning towards A or B... It's a counterclaimafter all.

Which of the following is an example of ethos? A. Erv's Electronics, trusted for decades
B. Kelly Seymore, and A-student at Archer High, urges you to recycle.
C. Over 10,000 varieties of mosquitoes exist; protect yourself from all of them with Bugz-a-Way.
D. all of the above
E. none of the above


I would sayA. Erv's Electronics, trusted for decades

The answer for this one is A.

What is an epic simile? a. a simile that is about an epic hero
b. a simile that is used exclusively in epic poems
c. a simile that is used to compare two epic heroes
d. a simile that is long and makes detailed comparisons


The answer is:D. A simile that is long and makes detailed comparisons


D. A simile that is long and makes detailed comparisons

1) Read this excerpt of a speech that Hoda is writing about the topic of voting age. I think all children should be able to vote at age 13. I’d like to be able to vote in the next presidential election. _____ In cultures of the past, people were considered adults at age 13, and today’s children are even smarter than children of the past.

Which rebuttal best addresses the counterclaim that “children at age 13 should not vote” and belongs in the blank space in Hoda’s speech?

People who say children should not have a say in who serves in our government do not truly respect children.
Some children may not be ready to vote, but children like me, who love politics, are!
Adults can vote but a large percentage of them do not use this privilege that they have.
If all the children in the world were able to vote, I think we’d have a much better world.

2) Read the excerpt from "The Girl Who Silenced the World for Five Minutes."

In my country, we make so much waste, we buy and throw away, buy and throw away, and yet northern countries will not share with the needy. Even when we have more than enough, we are afraid to lose some of our wealth, afraid to share.
In Canada, we live the privileged life, with plenty of food, water and shelter -- we have watches, bicycles, computers and television sets. Words in this excerpt that create a tone of judgment are _______. A) "Waste" and "afraid"
B) "Buy" and "throw away"

C) "Watches" and "bicycles"

D) "Privileged" and "plenty"



A. People who say children should not have a say in who serves in our government do not truly respect children.

This is the best rebuttal to the counterclaim. Hoda's previous point is that thirteen-year-olds should be able to vote. Her subsequent point is that children in the past were allowed to do so because they were considered adults. Therefore, this phrase would fit in between because it states that adults who refuse do not actually respect children.

A. "Waste" and "afraid"

In this excerpt, Suzuki is adopting a tone of judgement. She is telling Canadians that they have a lot, and that they waste it. Moreover, they are afraid of sharing these resources with others. The girl adopts this tone through the use of words that pass judgement, such as "waste" and "afraid."

#1: A

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#2: B.

Hope this Helps! :)

Which type of narrator has full knowledge of all characters, rather than just one character A.third person limited

B.third person omniscient

C.naïve first person



The correct answer is "B. third person omniscient".


Ominiscience means to have all knowledge with no limits; that is why letter B is the correct answer. Although a narrative may have different narrators with different characteristics, for instance "Epitaph of a Small Winner: A Novel" by Brazillian writer Machado de Assis (1839-1908) in which the narrator is dead, an ominiscient narrator knows everything, and that means the one responsible for all explanations and descriptions, similarly to a God who states and mentors everything happening in the narrative.

C doesn't necessarily make sense. ''naive'' means the lack of experience/innocent. I doubt that they'd have full knowledge of all characters. They'd most likely know more about them/narrate more about their feelings and be oblivious to the others.

A. Not quite. Third person limited is well...Limited.It doesn't necessarily cover all the bases of each and every characters' feelings or what they think. The other characters are merely presented in an external way, whilst the main character is mainly presented in internal, whereas we know more about him rather than the other characters, in which we only learn about them externally.

Omniscientmeans 'all knowing'. That's exactly what third person omniscient is. All knowing and knowledgeable of and to all of the characters feelings and such. Therefore B.

Read the excerpt from Thoughts and Sentiments. However, notwithstanding all that has been done and written against it, that brutish barbarity, and unparalelled injustice, is still carried on to a very great extent in the colonies, and with an avidity as insidious, cruel and oppressive as ever. What inference about Cugoano’s beliefs is most supported by this excerpt? Cugoano believes that slavery does not have to be cruel and oppressive. Cugoano believes that slavery needs to be abolished in the colonies. Cugoano believes that more people need to speak out against slavery. Cugoano believes that more writers need to write about slavery.


Answer: B) Cugoano believes that slavery needs to be abolished in the colonies.

Explanation: In the given excerpt from "Thoughts and Sentiments" we can see the description of the Cugoano's strong opinion about slavery in the colonies, he expresses that despite all that has been done against it, it continues and is as cruel and oppressive as ever. Based in that excerpt we can infer that Cugoano strongly believes that slavery needs to be abolished in the colonies.



Cugoano believes that slavery needs to be abolished in the colonies.


How do human sweat and dogs pant


My answer -

As mentioned above, humans have sweat glands over their entire bodies; the only place dogs (and cats, and many other animals with fur over their whole bodies) can get rid of excess heat is through the tongue. By the way, sweating/panting is NOT a means of getting rid of excess water; it is a way of getting rid of heat. We do this because of the process of evaporation. In changing from liquid to vapor, the water absorbs heat from the surface on which it is laying. Actually, most organisms do not want to get rid of excess water; they need to conserve it, but on very hot days animals "spend" the water to achieve the cooling.


Have an AWESOME!!!! day :)

We as humans have something called sweat glands. It gives us the ability to perspire and to cool our bodies down. That is why we sweat. Dogs don't have sweat glands like we do, so they pant to cool themselves down, along with laying on a cold surface. but for them, their body heat leaves from their nose.

What is one central theme of Ernest Shackleton’s South!?


Well I would say that one of the central themes in Ernest Shackleton's South can be analyzing the complexity of the fight between the individuals and the society along with its "norms", in a world where nature is somewhat relentless towards humans. Hope this helped.

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1. The Jennings Eight, Part 1: "True Detective" Brought to Life in the Louisiana Bayou
(The Casual Criminalist)
2. The Sluggard's Farm || Charles Spurgeon - Volume 34: 1888
3. Nehemiah 3:15 - King’s Gardens || Charles Spurgeon
4. Literary Contexts: 'Haunted by History: Reading ‘Wide Sargasso Sea’ in 2021' by Dr Linda Grant
5. Jordan Peterson: Life, Death, Power, Fame, and Meaning | Lex Fridman Podcast #313
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6. [FULL] THE STRONG & THE STOLEN | Paranormal Romance | AUDIOBOOK by Brittni Chenelle
(Brittni Chenelle)


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