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Shop for custom diamond grillz hand-crafted by the most talented jewelry designers, gold casters, and diamond setters in the entire world. Our iced out teeth sets are custom made to fit your smile.

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Diamond Grillz Overview

What Are Diamond Grillz? Iced Out Grillz How Much Are Diamond Grillz? Clarity of Diamond Grillz Shapes of Diamond Grillz Online Vendor Los Angeles Vendor Permanent Diamond Teeth What Are Real Diamond Grillz? How to Make Diamond Grillz (Steps)

What Are Diamond Grillz?

Diamond Grillz are a staple of the hip hop and fashion industry. The most popular and standard diamond grillz options are using round stones to set throughout the surface of the tooth, giving you a set of completely iced out grillz. There have been a couple of instances when baguette, princess, and other shaped diamonds are set in the diamond grillz pieces, but these options are much more expensive because those diamond shapes are rare and difficult to set properly. At Luxe Grillz, we pride ourselves on being a high-quality luxury brand only using the best of the best in our manufacturing process.

We only use natural diamonds for all of our grillz and work with a renown Third Party Appraiser who certifies all of our finished grillz. One thing to look out for when shopping for diamond grillz is making sure you go through a reliable manufacturer because there are alot of simulation stones being used by unethical manufacturers. These pieces look similar to diamonds but do not have any value whatsoever.

What Are Iced Out Grillz?

Iced Out Grillz are grillz that are made completely covered with natural diamonds. At Luxe Grillz, we spare no expense when we make our custom iced out grillz. While some of our competitors space the diamonds out and use bigger stones in order to cut their costs, we set as many stones as possible giving you the best possible looking diamond grillz that money can buy. From our experience, we have discovered that in order to provide you with the nicest set of iced out grillz, it is best to use smaller natural diamonds, and organize them in a way that makes it look like there is as little gold as possible. This will give the best possible finished look.

At Luxe Grillz, we typically use anywhere from 65-90 diamonds in each tooth that we set (depending on the size of your teeth), totaling around 1.0 diamond carats per tooth. Be careful shopping with unreliable grillz manufacturers who are offering iced out grillz at really cheap prices, because it is likely that they are using fake, lab-made diamonds in order to cut costs or they frequently use low quality cloudy diamonds and will lie to you saying they are high-quality.

How Much Are Diamond Grillz?

The price of diamond grillz varies depending on the quality of stones you use for your iced out grillz. At Luxe Grillz, we only use natural diamonds when making all of our custom diamond teeth sets, while other brands choose to use lab made diamonds or CZ (Cubic Zirconia). Lab made diamonds and CZ’s are imitation diamonds and are cheap substitutes with little to no value. When considering natural diamonds being used for your custom set of iced out grillz, the price will vary depending on the clarity and color of the stone. VS+ G-Color diamonds start at around $675 per carat. VVS D-Color Diamonds start at around $900 per carat.

We use around .6-1.0 carats per tooth when we make our iced out diamond grillz. In addition to the cost of the diamonds, the cost of setting the diamonds, making the grillz, and the cost of the gold all contribute to the cost of diamond grillz.

Here is a breakdown of our most popular fully iced-out diamond grillz prices:

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Diamond Grillz Prices

Diamond Clarity

Diamond Grillz Style

PricePrice Per Tooth


Single Diamond Tooth




Diamond Fangs




Top 6 Diamond Teeth




Top 8 Diamond Teeth




Single Diamond Tooth




Diamond Fangs




Top 6 Diamond Teeth




Top 8 Diamond Teeth



Clarity of Diamond Grillz

There are a couple of different clarity options that can be used to make iced out grillz. Our most popular and most affordable options for diamond grillz are made using brilliant-cut natural SI G-Color diamonds. The other higher-quality diamonds we offer are natural VS+ stones and natural VVS stones. Since the diamonds used to make iced out grillz are so small (about 1.2mm in diameter), it is not as important to VVS-clarity diamonds. In our opinion, it is most important to have a great white color for all of your stones to give your diamond grillz the best shine. When you get bigger stones, like the diamonds that are used for wedding rings and some earrings, we recommend getting VS or VVS clarity stones because the diamonds are bigger and you will be able to notice the inclusions in the stone. It is impossible to see any inclusions in the natural SI diamonds that we use. The clearer the diamond is, the better light will reflect off the stones, giving it that bright shine you are looking for. If you get low-quality stones in your diamond grillz, there will be no bling. If you get fake stones put in your iced out grillz, you will be overpaying for something that will have no value for you in the long run.

Most of the diamonds grillz that you see your favorite rapper or celebrity wearing is made using nice-colored SI diamonds, rather than the VVS diamonds they are constantly bragging about in their songs and on their social media posts.

Here is a chart to give you an idea of the different diamond clarity:

Diamond Grillz - Buy Iced Out Teeth Online (VS-VVS) | Luxe Grillz (1)

Shapes of Diamond Grillz

At Luxe Grillz, we use natural round diamonds for the majority of our iced out grillz. We strategically handset all of our stones to fit as many diamonds on each tooth as possible, giving it the best “flooded” look. The key is to squeeze as many diamonds on the tooth as possible, so there is minimal gold showing.

Here is a chart of some of the most popular diamonds shapes:

Diamond Grillz - Buy Iced Out Teeth Online (VS-VVS) | Luxe Grillz (2)

There are, however, other diamond shapes that can be set on our gold grillz. We occasionally use princess-cut diamonds for our diamond bridge grillz. We have also made iced out grillz using baguette, heart, pear, oval, and marquise shaped diamonds. The design opportunities are endless! Please give us a call (310) 592-9903 or send us an inquiry to start designing your one-of-a-kind set of diamond grillz!

Buy Diamond Grillz Online

If you are looking to purchase real diamond teeth from a trustworthy manufacturer with over 30 years of gold and diamond teeth experience, Luxe Grillz is the online store for you. We certify that all of our iced out grillz sets are made to the exact specifications of your order. When you order a diamond grillz set with VS stones, we will only use natural VS diamonds and assure you that we do not substitute SI quality diamonds in order to save money on our manufacturing cost. At Luxe Grillz, we do everything we can to provide you with the best set of custom diamonds teeth on the market. After you order your diamond teeth from Luxe Grillz’s online store, one of our team members will mail a mold kit to your house within 24 hours of your purchase. This mold kit comes with 3 sets of molding trays, a return envelope, written molding instructions, and a step by step molding video showing you exactly how to take a proper mold.

We like to have you try on the gold version of the grillz before we set all of the diamonds to assure that we have a great fit. We will ship you the gold piece and you can try it on then send it back to us and once you assure us it is a great fit, we will hand-set all of the stones on your diamond grillz. If you have any questions about the iced out grillz or molding process, please call our founder, Alex Peck, and he will gladly help you out with whatever you need (310) 592-9903.

Buy Diamond Grillz in Los Angeles

Luxe Grillz is Los Angeles’ leading diamond grillz manufacturer. We have our grillz corporate office in downtown Los Angeles, in the jewelry district. Our address is 640 S Hill Street, Suite 865B, Los Angeles CA 90014. At Luxe Grillz, we are seeing customers by appointment and are offering in-person moldings. Our office is sanitized on a regular basis, helping combat the Covid outbreak.

We pride ourselves on giving you the ideal experience when you are looking to get diamond grillz from Los Angeles’ premier iced out teeth manufacturer. Luxe Grillz only offers real diamond grillz made from some of the nicest diamonds on earth. We do not use any lab grown stones or fake Cubic Zirconia (CZ) when we manufacture our custom iced out grillz.


Permanent Diamond Teeth

Luxe Grillz is your destination for permanent diamond teeth. We have been manufacturing single diamond teeth caps for years and have perfected the process to provide you with the best looking and fitting permanent diamond grillz that money can buy. We will make each tooth individually for you, giving you the ability to glue them in yourself or bring them to a licensed dentist. We do not recommend gluing the pieces in, because we encourage good dental hygiene and would like for you to have the ability to remove the teeth so you can brush and floss your actual teeth and can clean/polish your permanent cut diamond grillz. However, we understand that some clients would prefer to have them permanently glued-in so we offer the service of making them single-cut diamond teeth so you can have them permanently cemented to your teeth.

We make every one of our diamond grillz options so they snugly fit your teeth without causing any pain or discomfort. This will make the diamond grillz fit like they are permanently set, while still allowing you to remove the diamond teeth so you can brush your teeth and clean your iced out grillz. To summarize, Luxe Grillz is the place for you if you are looking for permanent diamond grillz. We will manufacture the teeth to perfectly fit your teeth, and it is up to if you decide to glue them in yourself or bring them to a licensed dentist who can glue them in for you. We have spoken with dentists about starting a referral program where they can glue in the permanent diamond grillz for all of our curious clients, but they charge $2,000 per tooth just to cover their insurance liability.

What Are Real Diamond Grillz?

Real diamond grillz are iced out teeth sets made using natural diamonds. Natural diamonds are naturally made by the earth’s pressure, at least 85 miles under the earth’s mantle. It takes anywhere from one to three billion years to naturally make a natural diamond, and once it has been created in these underground conditions it travels via molten lava to an area where it is eventually excavated and transformed into the high quality diamonds you see used in jewelry today.

As you can tell, this naturally occurring process is impossible to replicate, making these natural diamonds very valuable. At Luxe Grillz, we only use these natural diamonds in all of our diamond grillz. We consider using lab grown diamonds or any other synthetic stone as a way of demeaning the jewelry industry. We pride ourself on only making real diamond grillz and look forward to continuing to exceed all of your expectations.

How to Make Diamond Grillz (Steps)

1. Molding: We take a molding of your teeth in our downtown Los Angeles office or we will send you a mold kit so you can follow our tutorial video and take a mold of your own teeth.

2. Cementing. We pour liquid cement into your mold and make an identical cement version of your teeth.

3. Waxing: We do hand-waxing on top of your cement mold. If you order a top 6 diamond grillz piece, we will put wax on all 6 of the teeth that will be iced out. When we make diamond grillz, we make the wax thicker than if you are getting standard gold grillz, because diamonds are tall, and we need enough gold for the diamonds to sit properly without scratching the surface of your teeth.

4. Casting: We put the wax in our gold casting furnace, and start the casting process for your iced out diamond grillz. This process takes about 24 hours from start to finish and pretty much substitutes the wax version of your grillz with gold.

5. Diamond Setting: After the gold piece is done being casted, we are ready to set the stones on your diamond grillz. This process takes a while because we take our time strategically hand-setting each stone on your diamond grillz. It takes a very experienced and skilled diamond setter to set each stone on your iced out grillz. It is much different and more difficult than setting stones on any other jewelry piece because of the shape of the tooth. In order to set each stone, every hole needs to be drilled in a very organized and tight “honeycomb” pattern for most round stones.

6. Final Finishing: After we finish hand-setting each natural diamond on your custom set of diamond grillz, we do some final finishing touches on your piece. We take each diamond teeth set through a couple testing process to make sure that there are no loose stones at-risk of possibly falling out in the future. We also get all of our finished iced out grillz appraised by a 3rd party appraiser who does quality control checks on all of our finished pieces.

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Price of Diamond Grillz

Pricing of diamond grillz can fluctuate based on a number of things. Primary factors affecting the price of diamond grillz are the number of teeth, diamond clarity, and the number of stones being set in the total piece.

As you know, an 8 tooth diamond grillz piece will be substantially more expensive than a single diamond tooth. However, when you purchase an 8 tooth diamond grillz the price per tooth will likely be less than if you were to just purchase a single diamond tooth. The reason for this is that you are receiving a “bulk” order and a discounted price. Also, when you have 8 diamond teeth connecting, there will generally be less stones used than if you bought 8 single teeth covered with diamonds.

There is also a fluctuation in the cost of diamond grillz if you choose to have the grillz made with high quality VS/VVS diamonds compared to if you use low quality diamonds or artificial lab-grown diamonds. For this reason it is imperative for you to shop with a reliable grillz business, otherwise you may purchase a piece with artificial stones thinking that they are authentic natural diamonds.

Another variant determining the price of diamond grillz is how many diamonds are used in each tooth. Some manufacturers cut corners and save money by strategically setting as few stones as possible. While this is still considered to be a “diamond grill,” the quality of the finished piece is nowhere as nice as when you shop with a high-end grillz manufacturer like Luxe Grillz.

Top 8 Diamond Grillz (VS+ White Gold) From $4,705.00
Bottom 8 Diamond Grillz (VS+, White Gold) From $4,265.00
Top Diamond Fang Grillz (VS+) From $1,545.00
Opal Tooth w Diamond Open Face Fang Grillz (10K, White Gold) $1,045.00
Diamond Bridge Grillz w/ Solid Gold Fangs (VS, Yellow Gold) From $1,265.00
Bottom 6 VS Diamond Grillz (White Gold) From $3,295.00
Diamond Fang Grillz (VS+ Yellow Gold) From $1,545.00
Single Tooth Diamond Grillz (VS+ White Gold) From $785.00
Top 8 VVS Diamond Grillz (14K, Yellow Gold) $7,495.00
Diamond Gap Grillz (VS, Yellow Gold) From $565.00
(Video) Custom Gold Grillz Pre-made Grillz Vs Shop Gld Pre-made Grillz
Diamond Bridge Grillz w/ Solid Gold Fangs (VS, White Gold) From $1,265.00
Top 8 Grillz w Diamond Fangs From $2,295.00
Kim Kardashian Bottom Bridge Diamond Grillz in White Gold From $1,565.00
Diamond Bridge Grillz w/ Open Face Fangs (VS, Yellow Gold) From $1,315.00
Single Tooth Open Face Diamond Fang Grillz (14K, Rose Gold) $725.00
Top 6 Diamond Grillz (VS+ Yellow Gold) From $3,815.00
Bottom 8 Invisible Set VS Diamond Grillz (14K) $12,245.00
Bottom 8 Diamond Grillz (VS+ Yellow Gold) From $4,265.00
Diamond Gap + Custom Bottom Bridge Grillz Combo (10K, Yellow Gold) $1,475.00
Top 8 Invisible Set VS Diamond Grillz (14K) $15,245.00
Bottom 6 Grillz w VS1 Extended Diamond Fangs (Yellow Gold) From $2,465.00
Amethyst + Diamond Fang Grillz (VS+, 10K, Yellow Gold) $975.00
Kim K Bottom 6 Emerald Cut Diamond Grillz (14K, White Gold) $5,250.00
Diamond Gap Grillz (VS+, Rose Gold) From $565.00
Bottom 8 Diamond Grillz (VS+ Rose Gold) From $4,265.00
Kim Kardashian Bottom Bridge Diamond Grillz in Rose Gold From $1,565.00


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